Summer Style: Forever 21 Finds

Summer Style: Forever 21 Finds

lemondress5Forever 21 Lemon Print Cami Dress – $19.90

Today, I am going to share something about myself that not many know about me.

I am a Fit Model! Many people assume this means “fitness model,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, what exactly is a “Fit Model,” you may ask? And what does it entail?

What Is A Fit Model?
A Fit Model is hired by fashion designers and clothing manufacturers to check the overall fit, drape, and visual appearance of a garment prior to mass production. To put it simply, I’m essentially a live mannequin! Sounds quite simple, right? For the most part, it is. However, it requires a lot more than meets the eye.

Don’t Be Too Skinny, But Don’t Be Too Fat
For starters, I am only allowed to fluctuate 1/2 inch in my measurements. If you think about it, that’s 1/8 of an inch on all sides. I am lucky in that I do not have to deprive myself of my favorite foods or beverages in order to remain consistent; however, this restriction can certainly pose challenges for other women (and men!).

When we think about models, we tend to think thinner is better (whether or not a company cares to admit). This rule of thumb does not apply in the Fit Modeling world. Instead, Fit Models are encouraged to remain the same (healthy) size. This way, companies can guarantee consistency in size and fit for their customers.

Mannequins Don’t Talk Back
We all have that one brand that always fits just right, or that pair of jeans that seems to hug our curves in all the right places. This is, in major part, due to Fit Models. We tell the Technical Designer when, for example, the garment is off-balance, when an armhole is too high, or when the pants don’t quite cover your tush when you sit down. Whale tales? No thank you!

We Live On The Top Shelf, But There Is A Shelf Life
I’ll be the first to admit, the compensation is competitive. In fact, my hourly rate rivals pay for those that have gone through 10+ years of schooling. However, this is a gig, not a career. Unless you’re born into a trust fund, it would not be intelligent to abandon other sources of income (or life goals). Sure, some women can get away with Fit Modeling into their mid 30s. I’ve even heard of models in their 40s still holding on by a thread (pun intended). However, even the longest Fit Model career would leaves 20+ years till the average age of retirement. Oh, and thinking of having children? Your clients will have long replaced you by the time you get your body back. In short, better have a backup plan.

Why I Do It
Fit Modeling has been one of the greatest blessings to my career. It provides me the flexibility and freedom to live outside of a cubicle, and the opportunity to pursue my passions. As a photographer and social media strategist for brands, I am able to focus the bulk of my energy on building my business. And, during lean months, I can count on Fit Model income to fill in the gaps.

One of my biggest clients to fit for happens to be Forever 21! They’re located near downtown Los Angeles in a beautiful, state of the art facility. Since I signed with F21, I began to fall in love with the company. Now, I regularly scour their website for finds.

Forever 21 Finds | Rockwell


I love this Forever 21 ensemble. The dress is feminine, airy, and has a Reformation feel to it – at a fraction of the price. I feel like I should be sipping wine in a French countryside in this dress! I paired the dress with a Lack of Color hat and Forever 21 sandals. Consult the links below for more info!

Forever 21



Lack of Color
(Got it on sale for $40, check Lack of Color for flash sales!)





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