18835897_10213546545238463_1617501474429352888_nRockwell is an online lifestyle destination curated by Taylor Sullivan. An LA native and creative at heart, she treats Rockwell as a digital space to share her experiences and passion for photography, recipe development, projects, and more.
“Rockwell takes after my grandmother’s last name. Despite a huge generational spread, I am a lot like her. She’s an artist in every sense of the word; you will often find her tucked in her beachside home sketching, painting, and cooking. She’s a published cookbook author, self-taught photographer, and one heck of a lady.”

About Rockwell | Rockwell-Blog.com“I’ll always remember the day she prompted a local news crew to capture my childhood best friend and I decorating Christmas cookies for the holiday cooking section. It’s memories like these that bring people together, and remind us to celebrate life’s tiny joys.”