First thing’s first: you will never see me at a chain restaurant. OK – that’s a lie. I am known to frequent the likings of local In-n-out restaurants, as well as my occasional Taco Bell tryst. Yes, a classic burrito supreme makes me weak in the knees. However, when I’m not diet “cheating” or cooking at home, I find innate pleasure exploring the wealth of boutique restaurants that line the southern California coast.

Curated by the hard-working hands of local artisans, these local eateries possess tangible charm and an unparalleled sense of modern escapism.


Despite the inherent joy provided by small businesses, they also make up the bones of the U.S. economy. The Small Business Administration identified 28.2 million small businesses operating in the United States, all of which collectively lead the nation’s job creation initiative. Since the end of the recession, small business accounts for 60 percent of new jobs.

While I wouldn’t go as far as asserting it my civic duty, I find unique contentment exploring local restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques, and am thrilled to share my story through photography and personal experiences.




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