The Bar Minimum

The Bar Minimum

5 Most Versatile Bar Glasses | RockwellIf you’re anything like me, you take great pleasure enjoying an occasional drink. Whether it’s a hot cup of Baileys Irish Coffee on a brisk winter evening or a dash of bubbly at Sunday brunch, there is always something to celebrate – as if we need reason at all. 

Even if alcohol isn’t part of your lifestyle, it’s often a focal of home entertaining. As such, it’s important to outfit your bar, kitchen, or bar cart with proper glassware. While the need to purchase a variety of glasses seems arbitrary, it’s actually grounded in science. Unbeknownst to many, specific barware is designed to maximize each drinks flavor and aroma in different ways. However, your budget need not fret. You can get by with some of the most traditionally versatile glassware. Before you raise your glass, read on for the top 5 bar glasses…


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5 Most Versatile Bar Glasses | Rockwell

Crate & Barrel
Edge Champagne Glass, $13

1. Champagne Flute
Perfect for champagne, mimosas, or anything sparkling, the champagne flute is a home entertainment staple. The tall, slender design helps retain carbonation and effervescence.

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5 Most Versatile Bar Glasses | Rockwell

Somerset Double Old-Fashion Glasses, 4 for $60

2. Double Old-Fashioned
Perhaps the most versatile barware basic, the double old-fashioned glass is worth the splurge. Ideal for spirits and drinks served neat or on the rocks, you’ll find yourself reaching for this glass again and again.

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5 Most Versatile Bar Glasses | Rockwell

Crate & Barrel
Stemless White Wine Glass, $2

3. Stemless Wine Glasses
More than just versatile, the stemless wine glass is a space efficient option for casual entertaining. Perfect for wines, cocktails, sangria and more, the modern staple is a practical option for a limited budget. Not only are they made in all-encompassing shapes, but also they’re far less likely to break since wine glasses tend to break at the stem. If you choose a more wide-bowled shape, you can actually get away with serving brandy, cognac, and some ales.

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5 Most Versatile Bar Glasses | RockwellCB2
Mash Pilsner Glass, $6

4. Tall Beer Glass
There’s nothing better than a frosty beer glass on a hot summer day. Keep a few on hand and store them in your freezer. Great for pale ales, lagers, and pilsners, the pilsner shape helps maintain carbonation and head retention.

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5 Most Versatile Bar Glasses | RockwellWorld Market
Irish Coffee Mug, 6 for $12

5. Glass Mug
The underrated mug is often overlooked as a must-have. However, this barware basic is essential for hot drinks during the holiday season. From mulled wine to eggnog, hot toddies and more, the glass lends itself perfect with its all-purpose shape and glass handle.

Remember, when dressing your bar, kitchen, or bar cart, you don’t need to have it all to properly drink and entertain. You can still nail a drink presentation all while staying within the parameters of your budget. In the end, what’s most important is stemware that will highlight your drinks best flavors and notes.

What kind of barware do you swear by? Share in the comments below!

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