Hello, Spring

Hello, Spring


It’s time to kick the snow off your boots – spring is here! As we transition into summer months, days grow longer, water gets warmer, and the music gets louder. It’s a wonderful time of the year, and the best way to beat the heat is to wiggle out of your skinny jeans and throw on an airy, lightweight dress. Along with seasonal wardrobe swaps, it’s also imperative to refine your beauty routine. After all, there is nothing appealing about prancing around a sandy beach with thick, heavy moisturizer, or even worse – caked-on makeup.

In honor of California’s current warm temperatures, I revamped my routine with some of the industry’s best in biz. Read on for my top beauty picks of the season…


  1. Feuressence by Goldfaden M.D.
    I’m not going to lie, this product has me obsessed! The oil is a blend of 100% pure active botanicals, fruit extracts, and natural oils.

Why I love it: It’s non-greasy, yet deeply hydrating. It’s beautifully fragrant, yet doesn’t overpower. It’s an absolute win-win. The rich elixir packs in Omega fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, C, and E, which together diminish the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, inflammation, and pores. Other ingredients include Baobab Oil, Kalahari Oil, and Mongongo Oil, which actively assists the skin’s protective layer against environmental stresses as well as assists cell turnover. Needless to say, my skin feels hydrated, soft, and radiates a gorgeous glow.

IMG_3399 2Fleuressence can be worn alone or mixed in with your favorite moisturizer. Which brings me to my next must-have…

2. Age Prevention Moisture Cream by Youth To The People
IMG_3258Youth To The People is easily my new favorite skincare brand. Everything is natural, and the ingredients are unlike anything else on the market. They’re the first brand to use kale, for starters. Intrigued, I knew I had to get my hands on my own. I must say, I’m impressed. The product delivers delicate, lightweight moisture, the perfect recipe for spring and summer months. There’s no added fragrance, which makes it the perfect base to add Fleuressence at night.

3. Vitalumière Aqua by Chanel

Perfect for Spring, the tiniest drop of this silky, water-based foundation creates enough coverage to last all day. It’s extremely lightweight, leaving you looking refined and refreshed. It’s completely oil-free with SPF 15, lending it the perfect foundation for daytime.

I hope you give these deeply refreshing products a try! You’ll be happy you did.

XO Taylor


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