Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water

Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water

Health & Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water | Rockwell
It can be difficult to navigate your way through the vastly convoluted world of weight loss and health. After all, for every alleged weight loss miracle there are several other diet myths to follow. For this exact reason, it’s sometimes best to stick to the basics — they’re tried and true and have demonstrated useful long before the age of diet fads and magic pills. Therefore, when it comes to my oh-so-coveted glass of lemon water, I am confident I am fueling my diet plan without compromising my overall health.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water | Rockwell

More than just a colorful garnish, lemon water is a proven diuretic, appetite suppressant, metabolism kicker and detoxifier. Just the same, it adds taste to your otherwise boring glass of water.

Diuretic: Your savory glass of warm lemon water actively assists in the expulsion of bodily waste and bad bacteria as it simultaneously treats a host of infections, such as the dreaded urinary tract infection. In conjunction to flushing out waste, lemon water is shown to be a powerful anti-bloating agent as it rids your body of excess salt. Moreover, the high vitamin C content acts as an antioxidant, encouraging harmful free radicals to exit the blood stream.

Appetite Suppressant: Before a meal, drinking an 8 oz. glass of lemon water is shown to greatly reduce your calorie intake. However, this has more to do with filling up on the water itself, rather than the lemon juice additive. However, if you feel especially committed to your weight loss plan, you can incorporate lemon rind shavings into your meals and/or water. Pectin, a common component of lemon peals and found sparingly in lemon juice, works to curb your appetite, further preventing overeating.

Metabolism Kicker: For an extra metabolic boost, drink lemon water — the acid will aid in digestion and the extra kick of fiber doesn’t hurt either!

Detoxifier: A few household names rumored to avidly drink lemon water for it’s detoxifying properties include MirandaKerr, Lauren Conrad, and Jennifer Aniston. All three purportedly greet the day with a warm glass of lemon water, in precedence to their morning cup of joe. This quick, effortless daily detox is served warm, since it’s easier for your body to process. To maximize results, nutritionists encourage at least 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice to 1 cup warm water. You’ll reap the benefits of citric acid, an element renowned for assisting in basic enzymic function  — which, by extension, targets your liver.

However, prior to incorporating lemon water into your daily discipline, it’s important to note that leading a sedentary lifestyle devoid of a proper diet and exercise will not lend fantastical results.  Instead, it’s designed as an effortless supplement to your regimen.

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